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20Jun 2016

Smart Tips To Make Moving Pleasant

having fun while moving house

Moving house does not have to be stressful. There are so many things you can do to not only mitigate the anxiety, but eliminate it entirely before the man with van come to move you. A little bit of imagination and effort will turn your stressful-looking house relocation into a fun process you are waiting to end in order to begin your new life. You will be surprised at how many things you really can do to remove the stigma of the move out of the process and turn it into something entertaining. And that’s mildly put. As stated, moving can be awesome!

Here are a few ways to ensure the awesomeness of the move is achieved.

Time to Destroy!

You are only fooling yourself if you believe that you are taking everything with you during your move. A bit of de-cluttering and downsizing will be required in order to save yourself money and have an easier time packing, loading, and unpacking and organising the new house. And one way to downsize is to bash, smash, crush, stomp, throw, frisbee, burn, and even ritually sacrifice any item you will not be taking along and will instead recycle. One way of dealing with stress is taking it out on something, and what better thing to take the stress out on than useless items. Furniture you own and wish to dispose of will be excellent baseball practice, and a little burning of the ugly paintings you always wanted to get rid of will take away a lot of annoyance. Just be sure to do that long before the man and van movers arrive.

house clearance

Get Stylish!

Moving home to a new place means starting a new life – in a way, at least. Treat this as a new beginning not simply because of the location, but also make some lifestyle choices and changes. You get to dictate how people will view you at the new address and imagine their surprise when somebody dressed as Prince comes out of the car, waiting for the man and van team to park and unload your glittery cardboard boxes. You can have all sorts of fun with your new neighbours’ first impression, so start of as whoever you wish to be in your new life.

house removals

Have a Party!

You either want a farewell party, or a welcome party. Well, have one! Bring out the cone hats and the cake and beer and coke and martinis and every party game you can think of. A perfect way to take away the stigma of the relocation is to delete the anxiety altogether. There is no better cure for being blue or stressed out than friends and alcohol. Raise the roof one last time at your old house or bring the house down at your new house, it’s time to celebrate change. But if you are doing it before the move, make sure to do it at least two days before moving day. Nobody wants to greet the moving company with a hangover.

throw a party

Utilise any of these tips and make the upcoming move not only tolerable, but enjoyable as well. You should be in control of how you feel about your upcoming life, so do not let small things like a relocation scare you or bring unpleasant things like anxiety to your life. Think about ways to fight that and learn to be entertained with what is to come instead of fearing it. There are many ways to do that – it is up to you to discover them and fight the feeling of being down. House removals can be awesome and you can prove it!

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