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Selecting which moving services are best suited to your removal process depends on the size and distance that you are going to be relocating to. When it comes to any removals service quality is probably the most important thing to look out for besides the reputability of the removals company.

If you are looking for a company that embodies both of these elements, dial 020 8746 4510 now and book your professional movers from Keep Moving.

There are many diverse services connected to moving your home or even office from one premises to another. Therefore, you cannot afford to hire some second rate moving company who does not have the necessary experience backing their services. Skilled movers are just as important and our services are all carried out by a full crew of movers who are sent out with our specialized removal van.

All of our moving vans are equipped with hydraulic lifts that help our movers to safely and quickly load your furniture and boxes into our vans without any risk to themselves or your belongings. Additionally, as our movers have years of experience they know exactly how to get your furnishings from your home onto our vans, even when they are contending with high rise apartments or office complexes. They will not bump, scratch or damage any of your furniture while loading it onto our enclosed vans. The removal van that we utilize are regularly serviced and will not break down along the way, moreover, we never load more than one clients belongings onto our moving vans at one time. To further protect your possessions, we also include insurance into our quotes which is vital in case any unforeseen mishap should occur. This said however, we take several precautions to be certain that we have safely loaded your items.

Part of protecting your belongings is packing them correctly, if you are unsure as to how to do this rather ask our movers to pack on your behalf. Packing services, all include the provision of our sturdy moving boxes, bubble wrap for your breakables as well as tape to safely keep them enclosed within the box. These packing supplies are all supplied to our clients whether you opt for our packing services or not; the bonus is that when you buy these items from us, you will only pay for the supplies that you use.

This eliminates the risk of over or under buying packing items and supplies, which could ultimately delay your entire removals procedure.

London Removal Van

Delays are very frustrating and thus we set a complete plan in place that keeps your move on track and gets the job done in the quickest possible time without compromising on our service quality.

Hiring a Removal VanHiring a removal van is the perfect option when you are faced with a last minute removals service; and no matter what we are faced with, our professional movers are the ultimate moving solution. We can confidently get your from one place to the next without any hiccups. If you are looking for a truly trustworthy and professional service then you need look no further than Keep Moving.

For any man and van needs, we are the one company you can count on to arrive on time and get your move done in the set appointment. Plus our friendly consultants and movers are only a phone call away on 020 8746 4510; so give us a call and let us help your move your precious belongings in a stress free and tailor made moving solution. As we can adjust all of our services to suit our different clients' requests, we are always a popular choice.