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Terms and Conditions

The conditions set out below outline the responsibilities and legal rights of all parties of the Agreement. The User will be addressed as ‘you’ and ‘your’, and to the Company – with ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘ours’.  

1. Our quotation
1.1 Our quote, unless otherwise stated, does not cover insurance, custom duties inspections or separate taxes to government bodies and agencies.
1.2 We will apply reasonable charges and changes to the prices in the following circumstances:
1.2.1 Delayed or failed delivery of the service, parking fees, additional services, change of delivery place, other than the one described in the order.
1.2.2 Delayed or failed delivery due to circumstances out of our control (weather, traffic, etc).
1.2.3 Agreement to modify our liability outlined in Clause 8.1.
1.3 We will apply a 20% V.A.T. rate to the final cost.
1.4 All costs are calculated based on the hourly rates, unless otherwise specified in writing. The minimum amount of time for every service is 2 hours (1-hour for packing). If the completion time exceeds the estimated period, the cost will increase on same hourly rate. If the job is completed earlier, you will be charged for the minimum booking time period.
1.4.1 We will calculate the costs from the arrival at stated address until unloading at the target address.
1.4.2 Additional costs may be applied when travelling outside the M25 or through congestion zones. We will inform you if this is the case.
1.4.3 We have 2-hour booking period (or 3 hours when the job requires 3 movers). We will need your registered address and credit/debit card details to complete the order. Payments are processed upon completion of the service.

2. Work that is not included in the quote
2.1 Our services do not include:
2.1.1 Disconnection, disassembly/assembly of units, appliances, furniture, fitments, and similar items.
2.1.2 Making changes to the floor plan or moving items without appropriate conditions such lighting and secure access.
2.1.3 Moving or storing items mentioned in Clause 4.

3. Your responsibility
3.1 You are obliged to:
3.1.1 Disclose in writing the proper value of the goods you plan to move or store with us. We require you to do this in relation to clause 8.1 and 8.2, if mismatch of value is established.
3.1.2 Provide adequate insurance cover for all items given for removals or storage.
3.1.3 Obtain and possess all relevant permissions, documents, and others, necessary for the completion of the service.
3.1.4 Be present or appoint a representative at the time of the delivery of service and provide a written confirmation that it has been completed.
3.1.5 Provide valid contact details and delivery address.
3.1.6 Disclose all information, needed to provide accurate quotation such as the type and number of goods, the size of your property, the number of rooms, floors, available parking space, size of storage unit/room you need (if storing), etc.
3.1.7 Ensure parking space (including for packing services) inside or near the delivery address. If not provided, we will impose extra costs, including parking fines.
3.2 We will be held responsible for damaged or lost items only in case of negligence on our behalf.

4. Goods that we will not move or store
4.1 We will not collect the following items due to custom, safety and health risks and we refuse to move or store them. You need to make your own arrangements for their transportation and storage.
4.1.1 Prohibited or stolen items, pornographic materials, drugs, or potentially dangerous, or explosive items, such as gas bottles, firearms and ammunition.
4.1.2 Valuable goods such as jewellery, trinkets, documents, collections, money, or goods that require special documentation.
4.1.3 Perishable goods or items that require controlled environment, as well as, living things such as plants or animals.
4.2 If you submit such goods without informing us, you are required to collect them. If you don’t collect them within a reasonable time frame, we will get a court order in order to dispose of them. You will be obliged to pay for any fees or charges related to the legal costs and expenses incurred by us.

5. Ownership of Goods
5.1 By entering into this Agreement, you accept the following terms:
5.1.1 The goods to be removed/ stored are your property or you are legally authorised by the owner to deal with them.
5.1.2 You will cover any claims for damages or costs brought against us, if warranty 5.1.1 is not true.

6. Charges for cancelling/postponing a job
6.1 We will charge you for postponing or cancelling the Agreement as follows:
6.1. 24 hours’ notice or more prior to the job: No charge.
6.1.2 Less than 24 hours’ notice: Up to 50% of the quoted amount.

7. Payment terms
7.1 You are required to pay using cleared funds in advance.
7.2 You may not withhold any part of the price.
7.3 You will be charged a 4% daily interest, if a payment is overdue.
7.4 For hourly rate moves you are required to pay in full upon completion of the service.
7.5 You can make payments by cash and card only. Note that 2% charge is added if you use credit card.
7.6 If you are absent or unable to pay after the service is completed, Keep Moving shall take actions to process the payment. We will use the debit/credit card details you provided on our site.
7.7 Revoked card payments will be sent to a third party agency for re-collection, with appropriate penalty charges.

8. Our liability for damage or loss
8.1 Our liability for damage or loss is limited.
8.1.1 In case of negligence or breach of contract on our side, we hold no liability for the first £150 of any claims. For claims that exceed this sum, we will pay a sum equivalent to the minimum costs for repair or replacement of an item, with a maximum of £40 per item.
8.1.2 Prior to the service and after receiving the goods’ value, we may agree to increase our liability. Although this is not an actual insurance, we strongly advise you to accept or to arrange an actual insurance cover.
8.2 Goods delivered or sent from places outside the United Kingdom:
8.2.1 We will be held responsible for loss or damage in two cases:
(a) the negligence or the breach of contract occurred while the goods were in our custody and physical possession or
(b) resulting directly from our inability to pack the items to a reasonable standard while they are in physical possession of others.
Both 8.1.1 and 8.1.2 are applicable in the aforementioned cases.
8.2.2 When working with an international transport operator, we will comply with the terms and policies set by the carrier.
8.2.3 If the carrier fails to complete the services, you may be liable for General Average contribution (including cargo preservation) and salvage charges. Please note that you have limited resources against the carrier. Since this is an insurable risk, we advise you to get additional insurance cover.
8.2.4 We are not responsible for lost, damaged or confiscated goods by Customs Authorities or similar government agencies, unless it is caused by a breach of contract or established negligence on our behalf.
8.3 For the purposes of this Agreement, a good or an item is defined as:
8.3.1 The contents of a container, package, or any box you provide and
8.3.2 Any other object that is handled, removed, or stored by us.

9. Property/Premises damage
9.1 Due to the presence of third party contractors at the time of the collection or delivery, we limit our liability for damage to property different from the items for removal, whether out of our negligence or under your requirements against our advice.

10. Exclusions of liability
10.1 We will not be held responsible for any failed or delayed delivery, damage or loss under the following circumstances:
10.1.1 Unforeseeable circumstances or events beyond our reasonable control such as war, fire, third party actions, terrorism, hostilities, natural disasters, and others.
10.1.2 Damage or loss caused by wear and tear, natural or gradual deterioration, cleaning, or because of pest infestation.
10.1.3 For items stored in wardrobes, drawers, cabinets and other containers that are not packed, nor unpacked by us.
10.1.4 For electrical or mechanical derangement of goods unless there is proof of external damage directly resulting from our actions.
10.1.5 For all items included in Clause 4.
10.1.6 For damages or costs caused indirectly from loss, damage or failed delivery.
10.2 None of our employees shall be individually responsible for any loss, damage or failed delivery under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
10.3 We hold no liability, once we hand over the items to you or your representative.

11. Limitation periods for claims
11.1 In case of failed delivery, damage or loss, you or a representative of yours are obliged to identify it in writing at the time of the delivery.
11.2 In addition to the Clauses 8, 9 and 10, we will not be liable for lost or damaged goods unless we are first notified in writing within 7 days of delivery.
11.3 We may extend the time limit of your notification, if a written request is provided within 7 days after the completion of the job.

12. Delays in transit
12.1 The delivery time is estimated. We will not be held liable for any delays or losses due to unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances.
12.2 In case of delayed or uncompleted delivery of goods, resulting from none of our actions, the items will be put into storage. The Agreement will then be fulfilled, with any further costs for storage and transportation covered by you.
12.3 Keep Moving reserves the right to decline or terminate a packing or moving process if our staff are threatened in any way.

13. Our claim on your goods (lien)
Under this Agreement, we shall have the right to withhold and/or dispose of some or all of the goods, until we are paid all the charges or any payments enforced by this Agreement, including all expense that we have paid on your behalf. It is your responsibility to cover any storage costs incurred by the withholding of your items.

14. Disputes
If an irresolvable dispute arises from the Agreement, it will be referred to a third-party that will serve as an arbitrator. They will be assigned by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. The expenses related to any such arbitration will be determined by the arbitrator.

15. Subcontracting our work
15.1 We have the authority to subcontract parts or the entire services.
15.2 In case of subcontracting, the terms and conditions of the Agreement will still be applicable.
15.3 We reserve our right to pick the route and method by which to complete the service.

16. Applicable law
The contract abides to the law of the country hosting the company’s office that issued the contract.

17. Inventory of items
If we make an inventory list of your goods, we will accept it as valid unless you inform us for mistakes or omissions within 10 days after sending the list.

18. Storage charges changes
We will notify you for any changes in our storage charges three months before the increases take place.

19. Our right to dispose of your goods
If you fail to repay or fulfil your obligations to us, or upon receiving the three months’ storage notice, you are obliged to gather your items and to pay the required costs. In case you fail to do so, we have the right to discard or sell any item. Any excess amount acquired from the sold goods will be paid back to you without interest added. If the outstanding payment is not covered, the remaining sum will be paid by you.

20. Termination
If all payments are in line we will not end the contract unless we give you a three months’ notice in writing. In case you wish to terminate the contract, you are required to give us ten working days’ notice.