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29Jul 2015

Tips For Understanding Your Removal Company In Bermondsey

moving quotes

Moving house to Bermondsey can be a highly overwhelming and stressful time with the sheer amount of different things you have to organise and worry about. Like a lot of people, you may be considering hiring a removal company to help with making the whole ordeal run smoother. If this is the case, it’s important to avoid any nasty hidden costs that may pop up after the move to SE1. Here are a few tips to follow to make sure you thoroughly understand your moving company quote.

removal survey

Most removal companies will offer a removals survey, which will allow a representative of the company to assess the amount of items that need to be moved to your new house. By doing this, the removal company will get an accurate idea of how long the job will take, what kind of equipment they need on the day, and the amount of staff they need for it. This can be a great opportunity to enquire about any extra services you know you’ll need on moving day in Bermondsey, SE16. You should narrow your search for removal companies down to the three best options in terms of price and reputation, and ask all three for a removals survey in order for you to get an accurate quote. The total amount you pay for your removal service will depend largely on the volume of items you need to have moved, so make sure each company’s estimator has full access to everything you need moved, down to the last piece of furniture. If you fail to do this, the company could turn up on the day without the right resources, and you may end up having to pay for extra moving vans or staff.

check their insurance

It’s very unlikely that you’ll be able to find a professional removals company without some kind of insurance, but don’t just glance over this part. Take your time to fully understand what is and isn’t covered with your company’s insurance. Most firms will have a standard policy, but you may want to set up another safety net. Removal companies will usually state somewhere on their website whether or not they provide further insurance, and what percentage of the value of your goods you should be prepared to pay. This can vary greatly from company to company.

storage solutions

You should also take some time to consider whether you’ll need any storage facilities during your move. Storage services in Bermondsey, unfortunately, are a fairly common hiding place for moving companies to hide extra costs. Most moving firms in the UK charge by cubic foot per week, but be sure to get a firm figure, as this can be fairly hard to estimate on your end, and may come with additional costs. If you have any specialist items, a definition that varies from company to company, it may lead to a higher charge, as moving these items is likely to take much more time and may require more equipment on the part of the removals company in SE1. Fine art, antiques, chandeliers, and pianos are considered specialist items by almost every relocation firm, so don’t forget these when you sit down to do the maths.

compare moving services

Once you’ve discussed the job with a few narrowed-down removal companies, and received fixed quotes you know aren’t going to slide up and down any more, you’ll be ready to compare them and make your final decision. Go over your options thoroughly one more time, taking into account what each quote includes. For example, a quote with a price that makes your skin crawl may turn out the better option in the long run, as it’s likely to include more services.

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