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26Jun 2017

Moving House With Your Pet

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Moving house is one of the biggest challenges that pet owners can face. Hire a removal company to handle the process while taking pets into consideration. Some companies specialise in house removals with pets. Look for a removal service that has experience handling such projects. Pet owners want the best for their best friend during a move. Both dogs and cats will have to adapt during the transition and that’s not an easy task. Minimize the stress by keeping your pet happy during a house move. That is a good goal to set down from the start. Here you can find some useful top tips for moving house with pets.

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Hire A Pet Friendly Removal Company

That is the first step and the most important one. Owners will have to take the initiative and find a removals company that can help them move house with pets. Coordinate with the team and set a date for the house removal. They often have a busy schedule but if they are professionals they will help you with moving house whenever you need. Talk to their customer service team to ensure they can meet your moving requirements. That can also help pet owners who have to deal with many different tasks during the move. Get a good night's rest before the actual move begins.

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Work With The Movers  

Get pet crates ahead of time to save yourself the hassle. Work with your moving company during the relocation process to make sure that the job will be completed to a high standard. Hire them for packing and they can help you keep fragile objects from breaking during transit. Your movers can show you how to properly box up and wrap your items for transit. For a successful move you need boxes of different sizes. Stacking boxes makes transportation easier for everyone involved. Use a dolly or cart to move stacks of boxes safely. That can keep everyone safe as the project moves forward. Make sure that your pet’s needs are fully met during the whole process.

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Choose A Destination

New owners want their pet to feel at home. The new house is likely a top prize for owners just moving inside. They want to complete the move and feel at home with their new venue. A house move could put the family in a great new location. Choose a destination that accommodates your requirements and prepare for the adaptation process. Take proper precaution and let the removal company know where you go. Keep track of pets and prevent them from being lost en route.  

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Choose A Moving Vehicle

The company can bring a vehicle fit for pets. Ask them to provide a vehicle fit for the family pet. Add a ramp for the pet and make space for a crate model. You need to select a vehicle that is up to the task itself. Your removal company will offer you the best method of transportation for your pet. Moving house with pets can be tricky, but try to find a crate that your pet will like. Some pets enjoy riding in vehicles and will comply with a crate. Get a roomy model crate, fit for either a cat or a dog.  

Set A Deadline

Every move needs to follow a strict schedule, especially with pets in tow. That will keep both pet owners and movers on pace to complete the project. Moving house may come with its own requirements and standards to set down. Hire a removal company that can actually complete the move within a certain time-frame. They probably have experience with completing moves at short notice so they will be able to handle the task. Talk to their customer service team and work out a rough time-frame. Set a deadline from the start. That will ensure that the house move goes forward appropriately.

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Prepare For Emergencies

Pet health issues could pose a few emergencies on the road. Pet injuries are always a challenge for pet owners. They have to keep the animal stable until veterinary help arrives. If this happens let the removal service continue until the work is finished. Other injuries may be minimised with proper first aid kit. If you choose a professional removal company to handle your move you will save yourself the hassle of doing it all on your own and experience a seamless relocation. Make house removals easy and stress-free by taking advantage of the expertise of professional moving companies.

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