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01Oct 2015

Your Full Guide to Hiring Movers for the First Time

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Is this your first time moving house? Don’t panic; fear will only add to the already stressful air that a standard relocation may bring. The anxiety you feel is only a result of the fear of change that you are facing and not because of any real issue that you cannot deal with. Moving home is a natural step in a person life at one point or another and people have been doing it since forever. Don’t panic, don’t think your move is impossible and stop worrying about what ifs, simply focus on the move itself or you will never be able to start it let alone be done with it. And here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

1. Look for a moving company.
Ask around for any recommendations about the local moving companies. If an acquaintance was happy with the services of one, then use it, otherwise do some research and find the one that will fit your needs. Be smart, always check if the company is legit – ask for documents and insurance company details to see that they are legal.

Man and Van Service

2. Set a date for the move.
See when you want the moving company to come and officially start the relocation, and set a date with them. Be mindful of it as this is your deadline for packing and getting ready to start your new life. It would be smart if you made the arrangements with the company two to four weeks beforehand so that you have enough time to deal with the rest of your tasks.

Moving Homes

3. Make a moving checklist.
A checklist is necessary to keep track of all your possessions and everything that you will be taking with you. Making the list requires you to go through literally everything you own and pen it down on a piece of paper. After you are done, make a copy of the page for the movers – they need to keep track of what they are transporting as well, and the list can serve the insurance company in case something goes missing. When they come to load up the boxes, start checking things from the list and make sure that everything is loaded. After you are at your new location, you have to double-check the items and make sure that everything made it successfully.

Moving Checklist

4. Start packing.
This is actually the hardest part of the move. Packing requires patience and diligence, so equip yourself with both, and with a truck-load of cardboard boxes. Boxes will always be the best tool for moving as they can easily be filled and loaded onto the removal van, and you can always get a hold of some – even if your local stores are all out or can’t help you with any, some removal companies have packing services that will give you all the packing supplies you need. And pack smart – wrap everything you put in the boxes with newspaper or bubble wrap for protection, especially do so with the fragile items. They can never be too safely handled, especially in the bumpy ride that your move can become. If you have kids or a pet, then you want to pack their belongings last so that you don’t bring too much discomfort before the move and make it less noticeable – they don’t need to stress over the relocation as well.

First Time Moving

5. Redirect your mail and service providers.
Don’t forget to call the post office and your service providers to inform them about the change of address! You should also inform them of the date so that your services can be redirected to the new place as soon as possible.

Mail Collection

And with this your move should go as smoothly as possible. You have it all down in theory and all that is left is for you to put that knowledge into practice and see that moving home is not that difficult a task.

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