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30Mar 2015

The Ultimate Student Moving Guide To Belsize Park

moving house

Moving home to Belsize Park can be costly but exciting, maybe you are headed to your own place for the first time and are dealing with small removals or maybe you are moving out of your first rented home and have some hefty furniture removals to get done. Whichever it is you can rely on this guide for some helpful tips on making your move a cost effective and smooth one.

-    Find out about student discounts. Lots of moving companies offer student discounts for your move so make sure you are not missing out when you hire a moving professional in Belsize Park, NW3. Look into the best deals for cheap man and van hire, you can use comparison sites online to help you get the best deal.

moving apps

-    Look into moving aps. There are aps available for your smart phone that are great to help you out with a move. They include lists that correspond with labels on your boxes and moving checklists that you can tick off as you go. It’s a great way to motivate you and help get you organized.

-    Use what you have. There are lots of ways that you can help your packing go more smoothly using items you may already have. Sandwich bags are great for keeping all your bits and bobs together.

removal boxes

-    Priority mail boxes. Are really sturdy and great for transporting stuff. The local post office will usually have a few and you can use them for things like CDs and DVDs.

-    Pack plates vertically. If you are moving your kitchenware then you can pack your plates like you would old records. Going vertically will provide you with more space and protect your plates. Wrap glass wear in your clothes to protect them to save on bubble wrap. That way you can transport your clothes and kitchen items in one go. Jugs and cups travel really well in socks. Double wrap them for extra protection.


-    Clingfilm is a great tool. You can use clingfilm for all sorts of thing on your move, wrap it over your toiletries to stop them from leaking. You can also wrap the roll over the top of any drawers to keep your things inside in place when everything is on the move. Put a cotton pad in-between any makeup pots or powder for extra protection.

-    Essentials box. Pack into a clear plastic box all the things you will need when you get to your new place. You might need disinfectant wipes, box cutters and a change of clothes. Just in case to are too tired to get unpacking the rest of your things straight away.

get family to help with removals

-    Get your family to help. If professional movers operating in Belsize Park are out of your budget then it’s time to call in friends and family. Always help with any of their moves and they will be keen to help out with yours. It’s great if they have car, that way you can get everything transported in a few trips fairly easily. Make sure everything is packed up ready when they arrive, they won’t be too pleased if you try to rope them into the packing as well. Don’t overload any boxes so they are too hard to lift.

-    Use bags. Big shopping bags are really useful for throwing in loose ends and great for throwing over your shoulder, they are also perfect if you are traveling by car.

hire cleaners

-    Hire cleaners. If you want to get your deposit back then consider professionals to get your old home back in order, its less to worry about and a skilled job will be what your landlord is expecting.

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