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16Jul 2015

Clever Moving Hacks to Make Your Move to Camden Simple

moving home

We all know that the fun part of moving house to Camden is getting things sorted in your new home, popping open a bottle of Champaign and signing a new lease or sale. The worst parts of a home move is the actually the moving process itself, from the very begging of searching for old boxes to the very last piece of furniture that goes into your new space in teh WC1 area. You end up with bruises, battle scars and probably aches and pains the next day. It doesn’t have to be all bad however, change your thoughts on a big move and follow this advice to make things a bit more fun all the way through.

pack moving boxes

Start Packing Early
Packing only becomes a complete nightmare during a relocation to Camden, NW1 when you have left things until the last minute. As soon as you start to plan a move then you should also begin organising your home. What might you want to get rid of and what is to keep. Which pieces of your furniture could be reinvented with a bit of paint or varnish or which could be sold for a bit of extra cash. Things run much more smoothly when you have the gift of time on your hands so enjoy the process of a clean out as you organise. You will find yourself calmly prepared and clutter free come moving day.

plan domestic removals

Make A Plan
Are you going to move things yourself or contact removal companies in N1 for the best price? It’s best to decide first how you are going to get your things from one place to another so you can research the best company. Now you have organised some of your stuff you will know if you are looking for a man and van or will need something bigger such as furniture removals. Call around and get the best quote so that you know you are getting a good price without rushing into anything and probably spending more than you have to.

packing supplies

Get Materials Ready
As you are already beginning your packing process then you may as well get things ready. Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or sheets. Towels are also useful or bedding so you can move everything at once. Put things into boxes that you don’t use as often so that it is all packed up and ready to go. Make sure you have extra boxes and bubble wrap in case you need it just before the move for anything you have missed. If everything is ready to go then your removal company will be able to get things done much faster.

moving checklist

Make A Moving Checklist
Lists are great for getting yourself organised and finding out what you have to do. If you write everything down before you get started then you will be able to plan how much time you need and what essentials to buy. Get organised with labels on your boxes listing what’s inside. This is especially useful when packing early as you may need to remind yourself what you put where at a later date. Don’t be afraid to get colour coded and even take pictures of wiring or electrical equipment. The more care you take the easier things will be when it comes to moving and unpacking.

There is nothing to say you can’t enjoy every part of moving home to Camden. Yes it’s not guaranteed that it will ever be stress free, but the packing, unpacking and moving should never be a worry on your mind. Think of it as the fun part and an exciting new start.

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