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30Apr 2015

Safety Packing And Loading In Putney

safe packing

There are many jobs that need to be taken care of when you're moving house, you've got to hire all of the removal services in Putney, organise and plan the journey, and take care of the packing. Packing in particular is a job with a hidden complexity. At its core, it's a simple job, but seeing as there are items of many shapes and sizes that need to be moved, it can become an organisational nightmare.

Don't worry though, because there are a few tips and tricks that will make packing a lot easier, and will help make your local Putney removal a breeze. So, let's get on with it.

packing materials
Get a hold of the right moving tools, and utilise them properly
There are two types of packing tools to think about; packing equipment, and unpacking equipment. They're both essential parts of the removal process, so it makes sense to have all of it close to hand! So when your SW15 based house removal gets underway, have the following with you:

secure storage
First off, you'll want some storage. These come in the form of sturdy moving boxes and bin bags. Bags will be used to store 'non breakables', like clothes, blankets, bed linen and so on. The boxes are for other non furniture items – pretty much anything that you want to protect from knocks on the journey. Bags are better suited to clothes and similar items because they save on space, and boxes need to be sturdy to keep everything else from breaking. It's pretty simple!

protective materials
When packing the boxes, you'll want to invest in some additional protection. Bubble wrap  and packing paper are a good starting point. Wrap the more fragile items in the bubble wrap, and use the packing paper to plug up the empty spaces in the boxes. The wrap will absorb the knocks, and the paper will stop the items from shaking about in the box. These materials synergise with each other to keep your things safe. You can also substitute the packing paper for newspaper if you've got some lying around.

packing boxes
And the final part of the packing process is sealing the boxes up with packing tape and making sure everything is correctly labelled. When picking out packing tape, make sure it's strong, so everything stays in the box until you need it. As for labelling the boxes, get either some labels and felt tips, or just some permanent markers.

label moving boxes
You'll be glad you marked the boxes when you get to the other side, because you'll know where to put everything. This makes the unpacking process a whole lot easier. When you get around to doing the unpacking, get a hold of a box cutter, some scissors or some form of blade. Have one of these accessible when you get to the other side, so you can start to unpack as soon as possible!

removal van hire
If you're planning to move without the aid of a moving company local to Putney, take care when loading up the van. Take special care when loading the heavy boxes, and lift using your legs rather than your back. Over exertion is a real danger, and you don't want any nasty surprises. Also, be sure that the removal van you've hired comes with some form of storage rack, or elastic guide ropes so you can get everything secured.

man with van
Once everything is packed, loading everything into the removal transport is the next step.
Take great care when lifting the heavier boxes, and ask for help if it's necessary. And make sure to check that everything is securely fastened via elastic or a storage rack before setting off.

Removals in London can be tricky if you're not properly prepared, so take all of the necessary steps when going through any type of move; whether you're moving from the SW18, SW19, or anywhere else. By exercising a level of common sense and forward planning, your Putney based relocation will be over and done with in no time at all!

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