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26Jun 2015

How to Pack and Unpack Simple When Moving to Hampstead

packing removal boxes

Moving to a new place in Hampstead is a hectic process thanks to the familiar packing and unpacking woes. It takes enormous efforts to pack all your items and then to unpack them. But now there is no need to worry as we offer you some effective tips which will make relocation a lot easier and quicker. 

organise packing

•    Create a plan – Before you begin the actual packing process, create a plan. First, make a list of all your belongings and the things that need to be packed. Segregate these items into objects which need careful handling, objects that are potentially dangerous, and items which can be moved easily. This moving checklist will give you a clear idea of what to pack and how to pack your belongings. Then, decide how you are going to unpack these items. Make a list of objects which you will keep in a specific room like things to keep in the kitchen or furniture for the bedroom. Having this list will reduce the time and energy spent on unpacking in Hampstead, NW6.

packing supplies

•    Arrange accessories – It’s always advisable to be equipped in advance. When you are doing the packing, keep empty cartons, plastic bags, boxes, tapes and other accessories ready so that you don’t have to search for something at the eleventh hour. Also, have old newspapers and waste cloth ready as they are effective in wrapping objects. At the same time, ensure that you are labelling every box and carton. Neat and clear labelling is essential for quick unpacking. Write the names of all the major objects that you packed in the carton on the top and also write the destination room where that box has to be unpacked.  A smart move is to use transparent plastic containers which allow you to see what’s inside the box.

make packing fun

•     Make it fun – Packing or unpacking is not the most enjoyable activity. But who says moving house has to be a stressful and chaotic process? It takes little effort to make this process a fun activity. Put on the music player and listen to your favourite artist so that you stay fresh and cheerful. Or call your friends who will not only lend a helping hand but will also help in reducing the tension and creating a light atmosphere. You can also take frequent breaks while packing or unpacking in NW3 so that your energy levels are recharged.

declutter first

•    Shrink the size – Reducing your list of items to be packed and unpacked is a fine way of saving time and energy. When you are packing, ask yourself, do you really need this item or are you keeping it just for the sake of keeping it? The same goes for unpacking. Once you are done with it you will be left with a huge pile of goods that you are not sure where to place. Also, it is a good move to flatten and stack the boxes and cartons in a corner soon after emptying them.

removal company

•    Hire a moving company – The best way to pack and unpack with ease is to take help from a professional company in Hampstead. These removal companies are experts in this field and hence hiring them will reduce your worries. Before you make a decision, get a quote on the services they can provide for your house removal to the NW11 area. If a professional moving service is out of your budget, then consider hiring a man and a van service. Moving vans are a good option for small removals.

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