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16Apr 2015

Ways To Make Moving House To Shoreditch Easier

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No matter how many times you may have done it before, house removals to Shoreditch are massive projects and depending on the amount of preparation, they can be either pleasant or incredibly stressful and nerve wrecking; it’s often the same little details people miss out on in the madness of moving. The secret to stress free house removals lies in one’s organizational skills, time management and general preparation. The key is to remain on top of every aspect of moving house especially the tiny overlooked details. Here are few tips for a problem free house removal:

organise house removals
Getting into action
It is common to be clueless how and where to begin. There is so much to think about and our minds get jam packed with racing thoughts and concerns and that’s where our stress levels go up. There is no need to panic. The entire process can be intimidating and daunting but can easily be overcome by starting to plan right away. Maintain an inventory. Keep adding things to your checklist as you go or have one universal checklist, whatever suits you the best. It is also important that you update your address changes with the mail man, Tv cable, phone and internet company, banks etc. Ensure that your landlord knows that you will be moving out and you serve your notice period as per your lease.

house clean
Clean, clean and clean
This might be particularly the toughest part of moving out. But once cleaning and de cluttering phase is over, moving house to Shoreditch, N1 is a pretty straightforward from thereon. Go through your stuff, and you will be surprised to find out that there is so much stuff that you have accumulated over the years that you don’t even use or need anymore. This can include, old furniture, worn out or ill fitting clothes that keep sitting in the closets and eating up space etc. Put away all the stuff that you never use anymore, even better see if you  can donate or sell stuff. Once you downsize your belongings, you will be able to gauge almost accurately that how many packaging boxes and items you need. Make sure you shop for all essentials like boxes, tapes, markers for labels, bubble wraps for delicate and fragile items.

Making the most out of packing
While packing keep in mind that you will have to unpack all your things once you move in to your new house in the E1 district. So, there is no point in packing randomly. The smartest thing to do is pack one room at a time and put labels on each box. All the kitchen appliances must be labelled as “Kitchen” and so on. This will make it very easy for you to settle in your new house in no time. Separately pack the things that you may need immediately after moving in. Do not pack flammable or dangerous items carelessly. You need to eliminate all the possibilities of unwanted incidents.

expert movers
Need help, Find help
Removals in London or other big cities may be difficult to do on your own. The relief lies in the fact that there are numerous removal services available in Shoreditch that can assist you in relocating. Consider moving truck rental if you do not have a lot of stuff. Certainly you must book your day with them, much before the actual day of moving out and be mindful about the fact that if you choose to move out over the weekends, holidays, peak seasons, you will be charged more than the regular days. So be flexible and wise about picking a day for moving out. It’s is always better if you can have the professional packers team come by and take a look at all your belongings that need to be transferred to the new location and have them give you a removal quote. They will come better equipped on the day you intend to move out.

final inspection
Final Leg
On the day, after your stuff has been taken, walk around and the house a few times. Check the cabinets, dryers to make sure nothing important has been left behind. Watch out for wall clocks, pictures, curtains etc. Since these things are not lying around, it is easy to skip through them. Turn off the electricity and water supply. Clean the house thoroughly before you vacate and hand over your keys to the owner so that you get your deposits back. Never leave without paying your bills. This is illegal and can get you into a lot of trouble because your owner may not have your new address but he has all the documents and identification proofs you must have submitted prior to moving in. 

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