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21Apr 2016

Top Home Selling Mistakes You Should Avoid

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If you are seeking to sell your old home after moving house and relocating to a better one to make some profit, then there is a certain number of mistakes you should definitely avoid. Doing so will make the house much more sellable, and a much more lucrative and appealing option for potential buyers. They will come to you and not the other way around if they like what they see, and by circumventing some of the mistakes that will be stated in a bit, you are bound to strike a good deal as long as the buyer is a serious one and ready to buy. So here is what you should definitely avoid:


•    Don’t leave any clutter around.
You don’t want leaving all your things around the house. Before you move house and hire the moving company, you should make sure you cleared out all the clutter from every single room, including the attic, basement, and garage. A potential buyer will hardly want the things even you no longer want.

house prices

•    Don’t ask for too much.
If the house is good enough, you can always ask for a nice high price. But you should be careful not to ask for too much. A non-negotiable high price will put off any potential buyer, so be mindful of what you are offering and whether the price you are offering it for reflects it perfectly.

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•    Don’t rush people into buying.
If you are showing a potential buyer around the house and see that he or she is interested, don’t immediately start making his or her preparations with the moving company. Don’t be hasty and let them see the house and contemplate on the price. If you immediately start talking costs and deals, you will give out an aura of desperation, and that will put off any customer, or invite them to negotiate a much lower price than what you would have liked.

home maintenance

•    Don’t leave anything broken.
If something is not working, fix it. You can’t hope to entice buyers to get your house if something there is not in proper working order. Sure, it’s just a toaster, but if you don’t bother fixing one thing, you might not have bothered fixing others as well. Then doubts about the electricity system and the plumbing will plague the potential buyer’s mind, and you will again be left without hope to sell the house.

move out cleaning

•    Don’t leave it a mess.
And, of course, you shouldn’t leave the house a complete mess. Not only will that make the people who see the place think that they are dealing with a slob who they shouldn’t take seriously, but they will also be turned off by the idea that the first thing they have to do after the moving van drops them off is to clean the house.

house relocation

•    Don’t underestimate what a real estate agent can do for you.
You should definitely get a real estate agent for the sheer amount of advertisements one can provide. A “for sale” sign in the front yard will definitely not be enough, but a realtor will do whatever he or she can to spread the word about the appealing house that is being sold, and will even help you find the right price for the house. A realtor will negotiate with the potential buyer to get you the best deal possible, and all you have to do is find a reliable one – best you ask around to get recommendations.

Avoiding these mistakes will ultimately get you the best deal you can hope for. You can finish your relocation to the new house with the peace of mind that you will successfully strike the deal you want, and do it as soon as possible. Just focus on your own upcoming life and wait for the new buyer’s removal vans to appear on the horizon.

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