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31Jul 2018

Things You Can't Ignore to International Removal

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When you’re moving abroad there is so much to plan for, that it’s easy to lose track of things. And one thing that is super easy to lose track of is how much you are spending, and what you need to buy next. So to help you with your budgeting, we have put together our list of top five things you can’t ignore when you are moving home internationally. Some of these you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever done home removals before, but some are most definitely only for those moving overseas.

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1. Packing, Moving, and Transport

Obviously, whenever you are moving house you need to think about how you are going to transport your items, but it becomes even more important (and complicated) to plan this properly when you are going abroad. Plus international removals tend to get a bit more expensive too, so it’s worth making sure you’ve budgeted properly for your move.

Obviously, the price will differ depending on how much you need to move, where you’re moving it to, how it will be transported, and how quickly you need it shipped.

If you need a quote for an international removal, be sure to speak to a professional man with van team who deal with this stuff all the time.

Rough costs for international shipping and transport can be anything from £750 upwards.

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2. Legal Fees/Visa

When you move home to a new country you absolutely need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents, and most importantly, the Visa for your new home. And for some countries, it’s not as simple as filling out a form online and setting sail.

Some nations have very complicated and expensive Visa application processes and you may find that you need legal representation to ensure that it all goes smoothly. Of course, all this can have a pretty hefty cost, so it is important to get an accurate budget. You can usually find a guide to visa prices by looking at the government website of the country you are moving to. Legal costs, however, will vary far more, and you will need to speak to a qualified lawyer for a quote.
Costs for all this can run into the thousands, so be sure to budget enough.

house moving insurance
3. Insurance

There are a lot of different forms of insurance you will need to buy when you relocate abroad. This includes health insurance, home insurance, and even insurance for your house removal. We know that house moving costs a lot, especially when you’re moving overseas, but insurance is definitely not something to skimp on.

Obviously, we all hope that nothing goes awry during your move, but in the rare instance that it does, you absolutely need to have insurance in place.

Health insurance costs will vary wildly depending on where you move to, as will home insurance, but for insurance for your international moving services costs are usually around £90 on average.

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4. Storage

Are you planning on bringing everything from home with you when you move? Or will some of it stay home, perhaps being shipped at a later date? If so, then you will need to pay for storage of your items, unless you have a helpful relative who’s willing to keep them for you. But let’s be honest, most of us don’t have that luxury and probably wouldn’t want to inconvenience our friends and families anyway, so normally professional storage is the only option.

Again the price will depend on how much you need to store and how long for but average costs are around £100 per month for a medium-sized container.

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5. Customs fees

Normally when you go on holiday abroad you don’t have to worry about customs fees, but when you are moving abroad, you definitely need to be thinking about these fees. You will be transporting a lot more than an average holiday, and probably bringing some unusual items, which could include pets and restricted items. These can incur some pretty hefty fees, so check before you get packing. And if you’re having a removals service transport your goods, make sure you check what’s included in the price and what you’ll have to pay extra for.

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