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10 November 2020

How To Choose A Good Removals And Storage Company

Finding the right removals and storage company is very imperative to your house move due to undergoing a precarious time frame of moving from one place to another. Be it for your house or your office, having your moving checklist is important because it will keep everything neatly in order for you to follow, therefore making your move simple. Searching for a good removals and storage company is often tricky because of what your requirements may be when it comes down to your move. Below are some helpful tips that will assist in finding the right company for your relocation:

•    Make a list not only a moving one, but of everything that you own. Lots of people will make a list of all the big items that they own and yet they miss out the smaller items such as lamps, small tables, footstools etc. that should be counted and may even be fragile. A removal company will want to know practically everything you have in order to assess the size of the van or large vehicle that they need to be bringing along for your move. Putting everything down on paper not only makes it easier for the removal company, but for yourself as well because it means going into your new place having everything timely and in good order.

•    Find out when you are actually required to vacate your current premises. You can often get caught out in this because your current landlord can have given you a duration vacating period from when you gave in your notice and then your new place isn’t ready. If you find yourself ever in this situation, the moving company will be able to give you a storage facility that is able to keep all your belongings safely in a locker (if they are small) or a large container, if there are things like a dining table set, sofas and beds. This gives you incredible peace of mind because there is nothing more stressful to wake up and think that you have to leave a place by the 15th and you cannot move into the new place by the 27th, with all your stuff in tow with nowhere to be kept!

•    Removal and storage companies offering this incredible 2 in 1 service which also typically makes them very adept at moving furniture. Whilst every single removal company are great at moving things to a new premise, they may not always be great at moving furniture. Sounds odd, you may think however a lot of people move without much furniture as the trend for serviced houses as well as offices is increasing. Inquire about the team’s ability to be able to handle heavy and fragile furniture including glassware which is most prone to breakage, tears, and chips and shattering. If you have any Antiques in your house, the company should be vigilant and careful enough to be able to lift and transport them with relatively no damage in transit.

•    Figure out the rates that this company charges, especially if you require storage. A lot of the times 2 in one removal companies will charge much more affordable rates than normal storage houses, because they offer other services as well. Storage is often by weekly or monthly, however if you do need it longer than that, they are often happy to negotiate a flat rate with you to be able to get you a better deal.

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