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19May 2016

Lessons To Use For Your Moving

removals nightmare

Moving home is not only an adventure; it is also an educational process. It is one instance where you learn how to do new things, and when you make a mistake, you know where you went wrong and will probably not repeat it – especially if it became a removal nightmare. And yes, those do happen from time to time. That does not mean you should start feeling anxious and fear every future house relocation. It means that you will be more prepared for what comes next. And don’t worry about accidents – the point is to be prepared and not having to let trial and error guide your future moves.

Here are five things you will learn after your worst removal:

moving company

Lesson #1 – Pick Your Moving Company Early
Often times, people make all the preparations in the world for their move, but leave the choice of removal company for the last possible moment. Well, choosing your moving experts a week before the move will not get you all the companies you will need. The best companies will be busy with customers who actually booked their removal services beforehand. So when a move costs you because you got the help of whatever man and van was available and not the best choice, that’s on you.

removal date

Lesson #2 – Set the Moving Date in Stone
People get really shaky when it comes to their moving day. Everybody thinks they know when they’ll move, but the closer the day comer, the more they realise how much they have procrastinated and how little time they have left to prepare the rest of their things for the move. Do not make that mistake as it may turn out costly once you try to postpone the move with your removal company and it turns out that they don’t have any other dates available and then you are doomed to repeat Lesson #1.

packing materials

Lesson #3 – Pack Safely
Do not half-ass the packing, as Americans would say. Do a proper job with everything you have to pack. Disassemble the items that can be disassembled. Pack your boxes tight. Use bubble wrap for protection. Use Styrofoam and polystyrene and packing peanuts for further protection. Even heavy and thick items like books can get damaged if they are not packed tightly enough. One bumpy road can be the deciding factor on whether you did your packing well, so pack as if bumpy roads are everything the removal van will go through.

removal checklist

Lesson #4 – Double- and Triple-Check Everything
Many a times when people realise they left something valuable in another county or state, it is right after they start unpacking at their new home after the man and a van have left them there. That’s because some people are so sure of their memory that they don’t bother to double-check anything. So do the following things at least twice before the departure:
•    check if you have all your valuables, documents and legal papers;
•    check if you have locked the doors before moving out;
•    check if you have left something in your rarely-visited rooms, like garages, attics and cellars;
•    check if all your keys are in check;
•    check if all your belongings are accounted for (have an inventory list for this one);
•    and finally, check if everything is loaded before departure.

communicate with your movers

Lesson #5 – Communicate with Your Moving Company
Just picking the right company is not enough – they are not telepaths, sometimes you need them to know what you want, just in case. When they arrive, communicate as best you can what you want loaded and how you want it loaded. Work with the movers, help and don’t get in the way. And make sure you have at least one method of communicating with the movers while on the road. You might be delayed with the arrival to your new address, or they might be late and you need to know why. Keep the lines open at all times.

Learn these lessons and your relocations will become a walk in the park – or at least not the hardest thing you could possibly imagine. Keep it simple, be informed, be ready. And then start moving, because your new home is waiting.

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