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26Apr 2018

The Best Creative Ideas For House Moving Announcement

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Moving to a new home can sometimes be hard and wearisome. In fact, it can cause inconveniences to family members and friends. There are, however, numerous reasons why people move. Whether you are moving to a new house or just want to change your location, you need to announce your removal. Whether you are a frequent mover or are moving for the first time, you will always want to keep your friends informed about your change of address. Whatever the reasons for moving house, you need to inform your friends and relatives about your move. How will you do this effectively without getting bored? Well, there are many ways you can do this awesomely. This article outlines some of these creative ways to announce your house removal.

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1. Send announcement cards through the mail

Creating uniquely designed cards can work best in this case. If you have a passion for art you can consider creating plenty of them as it can be an appealing way to announce your house move. We all know that first impression matters. For that reason, these cards should have attractive patterns and notes to impress your friends and family when they receive them. Cards that convey true personality and style can be more effective in this case.

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2. Email your creative moving announcements

Emailing can be easier than mailing as the procedure is faster and more convenient. There is a variety of moving announcement notes online that you can consider scanning. After that you can attach them to each of your loved one's emails and send to them. Another way to impress them is by making the cards on your own from scratch. There are numerous photo editors online you can use to create them. The same sending procedure, therefore, applies here.

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3. Hold a party

Leaving your friends back can be painful when you are moving home. The best way to say goodbye is by holding a going away party prior to doing your house removal. Aside from just having fun, this will create good memories you can share when you are away. A going away party can be planned shortly after you have contacted your removal company. It does not need to be a big party. A group of close friends is enough to give you a good farewell before moving to your new home. In this case, the invitation letters can also be sent via email or by post. Remember to include important information such as your new address and contact details.

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4. Make a quick video

If you have not informed your friends that you are moving house, you can still do it after you have moved. Creating a video of you inside the new home and uploading it to the social sites can be an easy way to send a quick message about your move. In this case, your friends will be able to see your home before they can visit it and get informed that you have moved.

Moving home is always an exhilarating time.  If you use the services of a removal company, everything can get much easier. Most people would enjoy if they share this last moment with friends and family. There are so many ways to announce your move that you will be able to add a personal touch to your announcement. Share the news for your house move with your loved ones in a creative way. They may help you move house hence making the removal experience memorable.

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