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10 November 2020

How To Load A Moving Van

Moving the contents of your home or workplace is an enormous job. There is a lot to arrange and put in order. Though there is a lot to sort when relocating, some of the biggest jobs are the packing and loading of a moving van. It is a huge job ensuring that everything of yours is loaded, safely and securely for the delivery. Nobody wants a broken and damaged load of possessions being delivered to a new address! Hiring a professional and reliable removal company will be a big advantage as these experts will have plenty of practice in this type of work. There is a good choice of removal services about nowadays ranging from a man and van hire to larger moving companies. Though an additional expense it can be worth every penny, just to save time and anxiety. But, if you want to consider doing the work yourself there are some steps you can take to loading a removal vehicle yourself and make sure it is all packed up securely for the transit.

When it comes to moving first you will need to get hold of the right size vehicle to suit your needs. It depends on what you are shifting to how big the vehicle has to be. You can call hire centers and ask for advice. You could arrange for them to measure your load and find the correct size vehicle to suit your needs. Most reputable companies will recommend driving and loading tips when hiring an unfamiliar vehicle.

Some other tips to consider when doing your removal yourself are:
Make sure all of your possessions are packed properly beforehand. You need to make sure everything is packaged and protected in boxes carefully. If your things are not packed properly they will almost certainly get damaged on route. The main point to consider when packing your boxes is to make sure that nothing can move about in the box. Cushion and protects with newspaper, polystyrene and bubble wrap to cushion and protect. When items move about in boxes this is when they can break. Label the boxes and furniture too. Writing fragile with a marker pen can help, and arrows stating which way up is a good idea for fragile things.

Bear in mind when loading your belongings and furniture onto a van it will be stacked in piles, so it is essential to package appropriately. Make sure furniture, is covered in protective plastic to prevent scratches or damage during the delivery. You will find that many vans have special straps to secure the load for extra safety whilst in motion.

Heavy and bulky furniture will need to go on first and secured appropriately. Leave lighter weight boxes and bags until last. Make sure the heavy boxes are all placed on the van first with the heavy items. Medium sized items next, strap with rope for added security. Strap down and cover and protect with blankets accordingly. Take care to make certain nothing wobbles, as you go. Softer unbreakable things can help prevent movement of bigger things. Delicate glass, pictures and fragile ornaments, really need to be taken care of and left until last if possible. Then protected carefully with straps to guarantee no moving about whilst being delivered which will cause breakages.

You can find out a lot of helpful hints in home and living magazines and online. There is a wealth of information to make life easier available nowadays especially on the internet. Many helpful websites have some easy steps to follow to make moving a little less stressful.  It is also good when you are on a budget and need to do a job yourself.

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