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A Guide to Unpacking when Moving House
17Aug 2016

unpacking boxes

Unpacking can be a lengthy and stressful process. When packing at your old house, it’s likely that you didn’t really think about how you would unpack at the other end – meaning you’re left with boxes upon boxes of possessions and not a clue where to put them. Here are a few steps to help you make the process a bit easier.

label removal boxes

Label boxes before moving

This may sound like an obvious one – but it’s surprising how many movers forget to label up their boxes! Any reputable moving company will give you a helping hand by putting your boxes in the correct rooms, making unpacking a much more manageable process. So don’t forget to label your kitchen utensils – or they may end up in the bathroom!

furniture removals

Get the essentials in place first

It’s useless unpacking a box of books or clothes without having a bookshelf or wardrobe to put them in. Before even tackling any of your boxes, make sure you have the basics in place. Your removal company can help you manoeuvre heavy furniture into position, meaning your bits and pieces can be put away in the right places as soon as you unpack them. Get your bed set up before unpacking your bedding, or get your TV table ready before setting up the telly.

unpack boxes one by one

Unpack one box at a time

Moving house is a messy process before you even begin to unpack. You may already be tripping up over discarded packaging materials and piles of boxes, and the last thing you will want is added mess. This is why it’s important not to overwhelm yourself by trying to unpack everything at once. Make the unpacking process easy for yourself by emptying one box at a time – and making sure you don’t open a new box until you’ve emptied one.

moving checklist

Make sure you have a moving checklist

A house removal can be chaotic. As you’re packing up the old property, make sure you’re making a checklist as you go along for unpacking at the other end. Quite often, the last things you pack are the first things you will need to unpack, so make sure you make a note of where your toothbrush is - ticking off the most important boxes as you empty them.

house clearance

Have a clear out as you’re going along

We’re all guilty of hanging onto possessions we don’t really need. As you’re unpacking your boxes in your new property keep a box handy for unwanted possessions, and be strict with what you keep and what you throw out. If you’ve never used that kitchen gadget or worn that expensive suit – there’s no sense in storing it away to gather dust in your new home. Donate your unwanted items or sell them for a bit of extra cash.

unpacking services

Don’t put it off!

We all have that spare room or utility cupboard filled to the brim with unpacked boxes. Although it’s tempting to fill empty spaces with boxes of unpacked stuff, chances are you will keep putting it off - after all, what’s out of sight is out of mind! Moving house is an exhausting process, and often it’s easier to pop a few boxes where you cannot see them until you find the energy to sort them out. This is great for the first few days, but inevitably, things begin to mount up. To prevent this from happening, dedicate a day to sorting through those boxes in the first week of being in your new home. That way, you won’t be hit with that niggling sense of dread each time you walk past the spare room!

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