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10 Smart Alternatives to Packing Supplies
03Sep 2015

Packing Boxes

It can be difficult to find the amount of moving boxes that you need for your house move. Not only can moving boxes be expensive, hard to source and oftentimes unreliable, but they’re also not the most environmentally friendly moving method. If you want easier, cheaper and greener alternatives for traditional packing supplies then here are ten smart ideas to help you have an easy and stress free moving day!

1) Protecting fragile items.
You don’t need to spend a fortune on bubble wrap to keep your fragile items safe when you move. Try wrapping them in bedding, towels or clothes to keep them padded and safe during transit. Try securing these bundles with string or a little packing tape to keep them as safe as possible!

Removal Boxes

2) Newspaper.
Newspaper is an excellent and effective way to wrap up fragile items when you move, but it needs to be used with caution. If you’re wrapping up light-coloured items then be aware that newspaper print can transfer and stain them.

3) Using your suitcases.
Suitcases are a fantastic alternative to moving boxes, as they’re more heavy duty and can be wheeled – saving you from having to lift and carry them if they’re heavy! Suitcases are brilliant for transporting clothes, as folding them neatly will save you having to unpack creased clothing, and clothes can be stored in here for as long as you need.

Packing Supplies

4) Using plastic storage boxes and drawers.
You probably have a few plastic storage containers, crates or even chests of drawers in your home. These are ideal for moving, and can be filled up and simply sealed with a little packing tape. Some plastic storage containers even have wheels, making transporting them very quick and easy. Have a look to see what you have in your home!

5) Boxes in your home.
Many of us tend to save the boxes for appliances such as our televisions, computers, consoles and more. Have a look around your home to see if you have any of these boxes, and simply reinforce them with packing tape to make them as good as new again!

6) Furniture drawers.
If you’re moving your furniture with you, take out any drawers, fill them with your belongings and seal them with cling film and tape. This is a quick and handy tip for fast moving, and will save you the hassle of trying to find boxes in an emergency!

Movers and Packers

7) Moving clothes.
You don’t need to pack your clothes in boxes. Place your items on top of each other with the clothes hangers still on. With the hangers facing the same way, pull an upside-down bin liner over the top so that the hangers stick out, and pull the liner to cover the clothes, keeping them clean and safe during moving.

8) Rubbish bin liners.
Rubbish bin liners aren’t just ideal for packing clothes; you can also use them for bedding, towels, curtains, throws and even children’s soft toys! Use coloured string or coloured stickers as labels to find what you need when you need it.

Plastic Bags

9) Re-using packing supplies.
Before moving day, save any packing foam, packing peanuts or even bubble wrap that you might receive in the post, or with items that you’ve purchased. These are all fantastic tools for moving, and this is an excellent way to find them!

10) Borrowing.
Ask your friends and family to borrow suitcases or storage boxes to help you when you move. This is an eco-friendly and safe way to move your items without it costing you a penny!

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